1. LBBrushy Font

LBBrushy is a brushed hand-lettered font.

Author : Laura Bolter Design

2. Bonjour Mon Ami Font

Say hello to Bonjour Mon Ami, a sweet and curvy font.

Author : Laura Bolter Design

3. Anne with an E Font

Anne With an E is a new brushy, hand-lettered style with big thick’s and narrow thins. Anne With an E is named for the woman who gave me life. She always emphasized the inclusion of the “e” because she felt it was the royal way to spell it.

Author : Laura Bolter Design

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4. LBPie Font

LBPie is a hand-lettered, calligraphic, connected script with a sweet and curly personality.

Author : Laura Bolter Design

5. Nidalis Font

Nidalis is a Script font that has a varied base line, fine lines, and a classic, elegant and modern touch. Nidalis can be used for various purposes.

Author : scoothtype

6. Yulia Font

Yulia script is a lovely modern calligraphy typeface with an elegant touch. It can be used for various purposes such as headings, signatures, logos, wedding invitations, t-shirts, letterheads and much more!

Author : RochArt

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7. Longhair Font

For those of you who need a touch of elegance and modernity in your designs, Longhair-Monoline Script Font is just what you’re looking for!

Author : Atjcloth Studio

8. Aisyah Font

Aisyah is a modern hand-based typography. Aisyah is made up of irregularly flowing letters, which makes it suitable for logotype, posters, business cards, merchandise, wedding invitations and much more!

Author : Malindo Creative

9. Anaheim Script Font

Anaheim is a lovely script font.

Author : e.myself12

10. Binattiah Font

Binattiah Script has a romantic and modern calligraphy, ready to give your design a fresh and fabulous Style.

Binattiah Script comes as a single font file packed full of great features.

Perfect for weddings, branding and romantic invitations and also suitable for various purposes such as digital lettering, headings, logos, wedding invitations, t-shirts, letterheads, signage’s and much more!

Author : Sulthan Studio

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How to install fonts in Windows

To install the font follow these simple steps:

  • Unpack the zip folder that you downloaded.
  • Go to the folder with the fonts and search for the .OTF or .TTF file (we recommend you always install the OTF file if available).
  • Double-click on the font as if you are opening an application.
  • Now the font installation window will open.
  • Click Install and wait till it’s done.
  • That’s it! You have now installed a font.