1. Bergita Font

Bergita is a handwritten font with a modern style. This calligraphic font feels natural and will bring a modern touch to classical designs.

Author : AsaharStudio

2. Sunderlines Font

Sunderlines is a typeface with a smooth character. It’s elegant and can be used for a large range of projects.

Author : JavaPep

3. Original Sin Font

Original Sin is something new, exciting & elegant.

The Original Sin font breathes an relaxed vibe, making it perfect for many occasions.

Author : Incools Design Studio

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4. Molyssa Font

Molyssa is a modern calligraphy script. The font is designed by hand and features a modern look and feel. It has a natural fool.

Author : maydhen studio

5. Adelitha Font

Adelitha is a beautifully structured and crafted script font, suitable for display and headline design scapes. This is a wonderfully well weighted script, and is legible without compromising on style.

Author : josgandos

6. Ahsan Calligraphy Font

Ahsan Calligraphy is a script font with contemporary, enlightened accents. It includes full set of gorgeous uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals, a large range of punctuation and ligatures. This script is perfect for a wide range of designs!

Author : Creative Tacos

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7. Anabeth Font

Anabeth is a compelling and elegant script font, handwritten with care and precision. This font includes several ligatures and alternates to help propel your designs in unique and fascinating ways.

Author : No Gravity Type

8. Famous Font

Famous is a romantic and easy to read font, perfect for displays for the most special of moments. With a variable baseline and even weight, Famous is a wonderful script option to use time and time again.

Author : Pasha Larin

9. Stepbrother Font

Stepbrother is a chic font, with every single letter crafted carefully. This font adds a lot of charm and uniqueness to any design given its handwritten nature and style.

Author : Studio_Art

10. Natasa Font

Natasa is a beautiful script, crafted through hand-styled calligraphy. This is a modern and romantic font style, complete with decorative characters and a dancing baseline.

Author : zulkhairilettering

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How to install fonts in Windows

To install the font follow these simple steps:

  • Unpack the zip folder that you downloaded.
  • Go to the folder with the fonts and search for the .OTF or .TTF file (we recommend you always install the OTF file if available).
  • Double-click on the font as if you are opening an application.
  • Now the font installation window will open.
  • Click Install and wait till it’s done.
  • That’s it! You have now installed a font.