1. Amagh Font

Amagh is a smooth & elegant handwritten font.

It has a playful style that will allow you to add a fun touch to your designs in seconds.

Author : Eva Barabasne Olasz

2. Starling Font

The Starling font is a hand-brushed modern calligraphy script font, created with a combination of a pen and a brush.

It has a flowing baseline and features lowercase alternates. The letters where first painted on paper. After they where scanned, vectorized and carefully polished to create a smooth looking font.

Author : No Gravity Type

3. Morable Font

Morable is a modern hand-based typeset. This trendy and alluring handwritten script is wonderful for anchoring your designs in a warm and inviting manner.

Author : Malindo Creative

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4. Caligrafando Script Font

Caligrafando Script is a handcrafted script, one that is reliant on casualness of form and style. This is a great font option for signatures and displays, given its relaxed construction and modern appeal.

Author : Marcelo Inez

5. Mystery Font

Mystery is a modern calligraphy script that has been attentively written, with gentle curves to produce a font that’s completely distinctive and original. It contains a full set of lower & uppercase letters, making it perfect for adding an elegant and unique touch to your lettering projects and more.

Author : ed.creative

6. Barka Font

Barka is an unusual and creatively crafted handwritten font, both bubbly and disconnected for a uniquely signature look.

Author : andesign

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7. Golden Boy Font

Golden Boy is a freehand marker featuring an organic texture.

This stunning font comes with extensive language support and will add some glamour to your designs!

Author : Favete Art

8. Shawdgeti Font

Shawdgeti is a font inspired by handwriting itself, suitable for various projects due to its charm and beauty. This is really a prominent script made with precision and attention to detail.

Author : art design

9. Smitten Font

Smitten is a cute little love letter font, with thin strokes and romantic embellishment. This handwritten font is a gem, and one that can add some sincerity to your designs.

Author : Cynesthetic

10. New Year 2018 Font

New Year 2018 is a handwritten brush font crafted with love. This font is so perfectly imperfect, giving a personal feel to your designs and creative projects.

Author : Creative Tacos

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How to install fonts in Windows

To install the font follow these simple steps:

  • Unpack the zip folder that you downloaded.
  • Go to the folder with the fonts and search for the .OTF or .TTF file (we recommend you always install the OTF file if available).
  • Double-click on the font as if you are opening an application.
  • Now the font installation window will open.
  • Click Install and wait till it’s done.
  • That’s it! You have now installed a font.