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1. Old Maple Font

Old Maple is a font that was created by carefully taking all the letters from my fathers notebook. The missing letters were created based on the available ones.

The Old Maple font comes with uppercase and lowercase characters and features a large set of punctuation, numerals, ligatures, Cyrillic characters and also features multilingual support.

Author : ChekArt

2. Safaraz Font

Safaraz is a modern-style script duo. It comes with Safaraz Script & Safaraz Sans.

The fact that you get Safaraz as a script and a serif, will allow you to use the fonts in a huge range of projects.

Author : Cooldesignlab

3. Avery Font

Avery is a carefully hand crafted font with the sole purpose of adding a stunning personal touch to your designs. This contemporary script will turn your text into a little piece of art within seconds.

Author : designtreasuree

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4. Elisabeth Font

Elisabeth is an entertaining, fun to use font. It’s bouncy and gives a natural hand-made feel to your text.

It’s dynamic and well-crafted, making it useful for a huge range of projects.

Author : designtreasuree

5. Daffy Font

Daffy is a charming, enjoyable script. It is sensibly designer to give a personal touch to your designs. This lively script will add a stunning appearance to your projects in an instant.

Author : designtreasuree

6. Love is Complicated Again Font

Love is Complicated Again is a simple, handwritten font that is perfect for your craft and design projects!

Author : Misti

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7. Phyton Font

The Phyton combo is a delicious script & serif duo.

This perfect balance will take your designs to a new level and will help to create a unique mix of Vintage & Modern designs.

Author : Subqi Std

8. Hudson Font

Hudson is a hand-drawn font that draws it’s inspiration from nature.

It’s playful and modern and can be used in many different types of projects. It works great for branding and corporate designs as well as apparel.

Author : Pasha Larin

9. Madison Font

Madison is a handwritten font with a playful character. The light-touched characters are great for many different types of design and will add a personal, playful touch.

Author : Graphicfresh

10. Romansa Font

Romansa is a hand-brushed font with a elegant style.

Author : masinong

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How to install fonts in Windows

To install the font follow these simple steps:

  • Unpack the zip folder that you downloaded.
  • Go to the folder with the fonts and search for the .OTF or .TTF file (we recommend you always install the OTF file if available).
  • Double-click on the font as if you are opening an application.
  • Now the font installation window will open.
  • Click Install and wait till it’s done.
  • That’s it! You have now installed a font.
Get access to thousands of craft files

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